Girl Scout Troop Phoenix

After yet another number change (this time due to a new council policy splitting up our multi-level troop) and having had to change URLs far too many times (every time we have had a troop number change), we have decided to call our group of girls (currently Cadettes and Seniors) "Troop Phoenix". The Phoenix is our troop crest because we are the troop that will not die!! (A long story - we have changed Service Units and troop numbers quite a few times in our twelve and a half year history, including the past eight years as a multi-level troop. We are still together and plan to stay that way. :-D )

We love Camping and Backpacking and Crafts, so we will eventually have information up about these things. We will take time to add information slowly because we will all work on these pages. Every girl will get to participate.

If you need to contact us please e-mail our leader, Debbie at

Meet Our Troop

Outdoor Information

Our Favorite Crafts